Abraham D. Stadiem

Name: Abraham Stadiem 11/09/1912-2/25/1998

Family: Sister, Doris

Stadiem was the son of Louis and Sophia Stadiem who operated the Union Loan and Pawn Company. He attended UNC Chapel Hill and later trained in the infantry in World War II. He moved to Baltimore for a while, but returned to Durham and started the S & G clothing store with Harry Goldberg. The store was located in the African-American Hayti neighborhood, but was forced to shut down in the 1960s when the city launched an urban renewal program that realigned some of the streets. According to Jewish historian Leonard Rogoff, the renewal program dislocated many downtown merchants and cleared away the last of the Jewish stores in Hayti.

Stadiem was quiet but pleasant. Everyone loved him and he lit up a room, according to his sister, Doris. He was everybody's favorite uncle.