Sam Swartz

Name: Sam Swartz 11/20/1875-11/08/1956

Family: Wife, Clara, children were Henry, Max, and Edith Swartz Abelkop

Sam Swartz was in the junk business. He lived on Roxboro Street and owned 14 lots. He was among a group that left the Durham Hebrew Congregation in 1913 to form a new community called "Chevra B'nai Jacob". The Durham Morning Herald described the reasons for this schism as complicated, citing "friction among members." The group disbanded a couple of years after it formed.

Swartz suffered from headaches and had a formula compounded for him by a pharmacist in Russia. Sam brought the formula to a drugstore in Durham where the pharmacist made it for Sam, and later others. It eventually was marketed as Goody's Headache Powder.

Swartz was active in the Jewish community and made a sizable donation to the building of a new synagogue in 1921.