Mary Rosenstein

Mary Rosenstein (12/091877-5/08/1939)

Family- Spouse: Nathan. Children: Ricky, Florence, Eva, Abe. A fifth child died at an early age and was buried in an unmarked grave

Rosenstein stayed in New York with their children, while her husband Nathan attempted to build up an optometrist practice in the south. She was dedicated to her family and worked hard to maintain a close knit family atmosphere. She got frustrated when she prepared a big meal and the family came home and wolfed it down. All of her children were strong minded and devoted to the family. Her son Abe was engaged for seven years to a non-Jew but would not marry till she died.

She did not make as big an impression as her extroverted husband, but was honored by the synagogue and was remembered as kind to all who came in contact with her.