Lena Chester Katz

Lena Chesler Katz 1/09/1897-11/28/1962

Family- Husband: Morris; children: Maurice, Albert, Bernie, Gibby, Helen, Dorothy, Evelyn.

Lena was born in Russia and reared in Norfolk, Va. Her marriage was arranged-she got her first glimpse of her husband when she looked out of a second-floor window as Morris came to the house to ask for her hand.

After Morris died in an auto accident in 1928, Lena took charge. She ran the family grocery store located in Hayti,the area of Durham's African American community. She and her seven children lived next to the store. The family was exceptionally close and the children were devoted to their mother. They knew to listen to her. Her daughter, Dorothy, described her mother as being very strong minded. When she spoke, the daughter reported, "you did not argue." They were regarded as polite and well mannered and maintained close connections with the Jewish community.

Katz reared her children on her own and managed to finance their college educations, according to Jewish historian Leonard Rogoff.

Katz was very active in the synagogue, and served a member of the Sisterhood, Hadassah, Mizrach and the Chevra Kadisha

Katz and Rosa Silver were good friends.