Samuel Rose

Samuel Rose 1/29/1869-8/09/1940

Family- First Spouse: Esther; Children of first marriage: Benjamin and Joseph; Children of 2nd marriage: William and Maurice

Samuel Rose was born in Lotz, Poland. He was a tailor by trade and married Esther while living in Lotz. They had two sons, Benjamin and Joseph. The Roses moved to London when the boys were young and attended the Hebrew Free School. Esther died in London, and unable to care for the boys by himself, Samuel returned to Poland. He remarried, and had two more boys: William and Maurice. The couple immigrated to Chicago where Samuel worked for the Continental Clothing Company. They bought a home in Humboldt Park that was heated with a coal stove. Samuel came to Durham to retire because his two sons, Benjamin and Joseph, lived here. For a while, he owned a tailor shop on Main Street where he mostly did alterations. The house has since been demolished.

Samuel spoke Yiddish all his life and never felt completely comfortable in English, though he lived in English-speaking countries for most of his life. He was a religious Jew and attended services. He died of the gout at Duke Hospital.