Robert Strauss

Robert Strauss 5/6/1964-10/25/2005

Family: Parents were Betsy Meyers and Edward Strauss. His wife was Christy Strauss and he had one son, Nicholas. He had a sister Margery Strauss Flink.

Robert Strauss was born at Watts Hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

Strauss attended the Beth El's religious school and had his bar mitzvah at the synagogue. He loves sports and amassed an extensive and valuable collection of baseball cards. He was always a Duke fan. Tennis was his personal sport and he was picked to play on the northern high school team. He shifted his interest in golf and was on the golf course as often as possible.

After attending Northern high school, he attended East Carolina College, majored in sociology and graduated in 1985.

Strauss's parents owned The Curtain Shop and invited him to join them in the business. Ultimately he became a part owner.