Zelda Landshoff

Zelda Landshoff 7/07/1908-8/8/1986 Row 2:23

Zelda's family came over from Minsk, Russia, around the turn of the 20th century. Her mother was one of eleven children; and her father was one of twelve. The family settled in Portland, Oregon. In this country, the family surname, Kastelansky, became Casten. Zelda had an uncle, Solomon, who was an Orthodox Rabbi in Oregon.

Zelda was born in Portland, July 7th, 1908, one of three children. When she was nine, the family moved to New York so that an older sister, who was studying violin could continue her studies. She, herself, was studying cello. At eighteen, in the early 20's, she accompanied her sister to Germany to further violin studies. There she continued cello lessons. Her older brother, meanwhile attended Medical school and became a Surgeon.

Coincidentally, she casually met Werner at a gathering of young people. After returning to the States, she began to study piano expecting to be a professional musician. Ultimately, she decided to discontinue her musical studies and became an excellent secretary.

When Werner immigrated to the States, he looked her up. They fell in love and married in 1940. After her marriage, she kept on working and retired in 1974. She always continued to play piano and could have been a professional. However, she was content to accompany Werner whenever he was home. They had one daughter, Diana Celenza.

Zelda was an independent woman. The summer after Werner died, because she loved the beach and swimming, she took a bus to Myrtle Beach and spent a few days there by herself. During the few months between Werner's death and her own, she spent the days enjoying her small family, playing the piano, listening to classical music and reading. She died in 1986.