Harry Goldberg

Harry Goldberg 2/17/1907-1/15/88

Family: married to Mollie Goldberg and he had 3 children: Roslyn, Linda and Stanley

Harry Goldberg was born in Roxborough, North Carolina, the son of Joseph and Ida Goldberg. He met his wife Mollie, in Lynchburg. He graduated from Duke.

According to his nephew, Howard Margolis, Harry was a very successful businessman. He had a dry goods store that catered to the "working man". The store was near the tobacco barn and Harry would extend credit to the farmers. He hated to turn away any customers and if at all possible he would negotiate a discount in order to keep the business.

Howard recalls his uncle as a "funny and crazy guy". As a teenager, Howard would often visit his uncle and aunt, as did many of the teenagers. There, they would dance the shag to 45's and smoke cigarettes, something that Harry would allow.

He was not very active in the Jewish community although he was a member of the B'nai Brith, to which most Jewish men in the area belonged. He would go to the High Holiday services, but Howard remembers him commenting "zu viel yidden" (too many Jews).