Sam Munich

Sam Munich 3/26/1876-8/29/1933

Family- Spouse: Marie; Children: Rose, Sarah and Minnie

Sam Munich was born in Latvia. Rose Simpson, his daughter, said he boarded at his future wife's home in Lithuania in order to study with a renowned rabbi.

Sam came to the United States around 1909. His wife, Marie, arrived 3 years later. They lived in Oxford, NC, because they had relatives nearby. Munich was a merchant who traveled between Durham and Oxford in order to serve the farmers. Rose remembers that he had a great sense of humor and was much more outgoing than her mother.

Sam was very involved in the local Jewish community, using his extensive Jewish knowledge to lead services in Oxford. There was a wealthy family in Oxford, the Mazurs, who turned their house into a mini shul. At most, there were 10 Jewish families in the town. They generally went to the synagogue in Durham only for special occasions.

Rose does not remember any anti-Semitism in Oxford.