Bertha Bergman

Name: Bertha K. Bergman, 1913- 1979

Family: Father, Bernard; Mother, Ethel; Siblings Rita, Shirley, Joseph Emmanuel, Hymen, Paul; Husband Harry; Daughter Lane.

Bertha's parents were immigrants from Russia, who entered the U.S. at Ellis Island. Bertha was born in Washington, D.C. She attended high school in Washington, D.C. and worked at a Department store called Woodward Lothrop.

She met Harry at Harry's brother Mitchell's wedding in 1939, and they got married in 1941. She moved to Durham from Baltimore to be with Harry. Together, they owned a wholesale business called Dixie Wholesale, near the current Durham Bulls ballpark.

Bertha was a member of the Beth El sisterhood. She spoke and read Hebrew. Although not very religious, Bertha lit the Shabbat candles on Friday nights, and Yartzheit candles to commemorate her loved ones.

Bertha was an extravert, enjoyed people, and was considered very lively with lots of energy. She was a wonderful teacher to others.

The most important thing in Bertha's life was her family and daughter, and she loved her siblings.