Harry Bergman

Name: Harry R. Bergman, 1914- 1991

Family: Mother Rose; Father Aaron; Brothers Mitchell, David, Max; Sister Sarah; Wife Bertha; Daughter Lane.

The son of immigrant parents from Russia, Harry attended the University of Florida from 1931-1933. During the Depression, Harry had to leave school and moved to Durham with his family. Harry hoped to continue his studies at Duke, but he could not because of the difficult financial situation. Instead, Harry opened a grocery store. Harry met his wife, Bertha, at his brother MitchellÕs wedding in 1939, and they got married in 1941. Together, they owned a wholesale business called Dixie Wholesale, near the current Durham Bulls ballpark.

Harry was a real entrepreneur and intellectually curious. He enjoyed many different things, such as operating Juke boxes and a cigarette machine. He opened a second store, called Music Land, in Burlington, NC, where he sold used records. He even owned a bean processing plant. After several years, he closed the other businesses other than Music Land. In 1960, he bought his brother-in-laws record store, The Record Bar, in Durham. By 1989, the Record Bar had 189 stores all over the country. Harry served on the Board of Beth El synagogue. Harry enjoyed reading about business, and business was his true hobby. He was a big Duke fan and loved mentoring young people to help them achieve their goals.

The most important thing in Harry's life was his family business and ensuring that those he loved would receive a quality education.