Sarah Swartz

Sarah Swartz 4/29/1906-7/29/1991

Family- Spouse: Max

Sarah Swartz chaired the local affiliate of the Army and Navy Committee of the National Jewish Welfare Board during World War II. The affiliate sought to bring a sense of Jewish life to the Jewish soldiers stationed at Camp Butner. One Passover, she organized a seder at Camp Butner. The kitchen help was comprised of German prisoners of war.

Sarah and Max were known as a very gentle couple. They never had children, but they were always together, usually holding hands.

Swartz was well read and active in Hadassah. She also contributed to the Ladies Aid Society 1946 cookbook:

                                                  Cheese Blintzes
		Batter:						Filling:

		  2 eggs, well beaten				   pound cottage cheese
		  1 cup flour					  1 egg
		  1 teaspoon salt				salt and pepper to taste
		  1 cup water

Beat eggs, add salt and water to eggs and stir gradually into the flour until smooth.  Heat frying pan and grease sparingly.  Pour in 2 tablespoons of batter, tilting pan from side to side to cover bottom.  Fry on one side only.

Filling:  Combine cheese, salt and eggs.  Spread about 2 tablespoonfuls on each pancake and roll.  Fry in hot butter and serve at once.  Serves about 4 or 5.