Rose Sawilosky Roemer

Rose Sawilosky Roemer d. 5/16/1988

Family- Spouse: Charles Sawilosky; Children: Henrietta and Gertrude

Yetta Brandt remembers her mother Rose was outgoing and knew more gossip than anyone. All customers were welcome at her husband's ready-to wear clothing store, "The Fashion," at the corner of Main and Church streets. The couple was known for their personal service and customers treated them like friends. She played in an ongoing poker game with Mel and Louis Gladstein, Charley Zuckerman and Ida Hockfield. She was a good mother and was wonderful grandmother.

Early in her life, Rose had had other career ambitions. She wanted to be a nurse, but her father did not think this was the right thing to do. She later traveled to Georgia where she first met her husband Charles Sawilosky.

She was beautiful and glamorous and always tried to look "terrific." She never wanted anyone to know her age and even refused to put her birth date on her tombstone.

Rose contributed a recipe to the Ladies Aid Society's 1946 cookbook:

                          Stuffed Cabbage Hungarian Style
6 green peppers 1 teaspoon salt pound lean ground meat dash of pepper 1 medium onion (diced) 1 medium potato (grated) 1 cup rice cup celery 1 cup tomatoes Cut off stem and remove seeds from pepper. Boil 2 minutes and drain.
Mix meat with all ingredients.
Add celery, tomatoes, onion and enough water to cover peppers.
Stew until peppers and meat are well done.