Morris Apter

Morris Apter d. 10/05/1949 age 59

Family- Wife: Annie Sher; Children: Jacob, Philip, Oscar, Sarah and Mary

Apter opened a store after being honorably discharged from the US Army. He was a grocer in the African-American Hayti neighborhood, and in 1915 he became the proprietor of the Mint Cola Bottling Company. According to Jewish historian Leonard Rogoff, the 1910s was a time of business expansion for many in the Jewish community.

Apter also served as a kosher butcher at a time when the synagogue subsidized the position. But by the 1940s, he complained to the synagogue board that he could no longer afford to serve in this role since he had only 25 to 30 customers, approximately a third of the community. By then, most Jews were no longer keeping kosher. His position was eventually eliminated, and Apter will be remembered as the last Jewish butcher in Durham.