Lillian Gertrude Bane

Name: Lillian Gertrude Bane d. 8/4/1938

Family: Parents, Solomon and Esther Bane

Lillian suffered from high blood pressure her entire life. Her parents lived at 406 Holloway Street. Lillian was reared in an observant home that strictly observed kashrut and the Sabbath. Her father, Solomon, hired a "melamed" or "teacher" so his four children could get a sound Jewish education. The melamed lived in the family home and took his meals there. He taught the two boys the "alef beys" or Hebrew, and the girls Yiddish.

Lillian never married and lived at home. She died at age 32, two days before Tisha B'Av. David Schuman, her nephew from Baltimore, was visiting at the time. He remembers she died at home, and her body was kept on ice until the funeral the next day. "Her death was very traumatic for Schuman who was 12 at the time.

Her parents eventually moved in Baltimore, where their older daughter, Frances Lena Bane Schuman, lived with her husband, Morris, and their three children: Harriet, David and Leonard.