Joseph Saul Rabin

Joseph Saul Rabin 11/11/63-10/20/70

Family: Parents were Jane and Edward. He also had a brother Daniel. A sister Rebecca was born later. Joe came with his parents to Durham, in the beginning of August, 1970 as his father had a visiting professorship at the law school at Duke University.

He was a sweet child and an “easy child,” calm even in the womb, according to his mother. Although easy going and small for his age, his teachers said that he always held his own in the usual boy tussles that occur in school. Joe had a quiet self-confidence, seemed secure in who he was, and was particularly proud of being Jewish.

He was good friends with a little girl Marya who lived across the street. They planned to get married and have “20 children.”

On October 18, 1970, as Joe and Marya were walking to school, a teenage driver, blinded by the sun, did not see them and killed them both.