Dora Stein Levine

Dora Stein Levine 1899-1971

Family- Children: Pauline Schultz

Dora Stein Levine was born in Poland and came to the United States with 1 year-old Pauline.

Levine was poor and washed clothes for 50 cents a load. She was a very loving and giving mother. Her daughter Pauline remembers that as a teen she was the only one of her friends who did not own stockings. Her mother had only one pair of hose that she wore to synagogue, so she loaned them to Pauline. Whenever Pauline passes her mother's grave, she remembers the warmth of her mother's hose.

When Levine's husband was ill, the doctor would not permit him salt. He was very upset about this. But Levine said that if her husband could not have salt, then none of them would, and the family never used salt again.

Levine could not read or write, but she always found ways around it. Because of her reputation for honesty, her "x" was always respected.

Levine moved to Florida late in life, but she always wanted to be buried in the Durham cemetery and made Pauline promise to do so.