Gertrude Eisenberg

Gertrude Eisenberg 10/18/1892-4/23/1985

Family- Husband: Morris; Children: Ezra, Sam, Manny, Florence, Sophie, and a twin who died as a baby and was buried unmarked in the cemetery

Eisenberg came from England and met her husband in Baltimore. They were friends of the Gladsteins and came to Durham because of them. Evelyn, her daughter-in-law, remembers her as being kind and good, and Evelyn always felt that she was like a mother to her. They owned a dress shop at 308 Main Street. Jewish Historian Leonard Rogoff reported that Jewish stores filled several blocks of Main Street, the "Orchard Street of Durham." She and her husband worked very hard. They treated their workers well and in return were met with respect. Eisenberg treated African American workers especially well.