Earl Siegel

Earl Siegel 3/10/1924-6/11/2001

Family- Wife: Gladys; Children: three boys and a girl

Siegel was always a Zionist, as were his parents. He would sweat out anything that happened in Israel, reading every piece of news that came out in the papers. He and his wife traveled to Israel every year.

A pediatrician, he did research on low birth rate among infants and on mother-infant bonding. He always felt his professional and Jewish lives were equally important, and he found ways to interweave the two. He spent two sabbaticals from UNC at the Hadassah Medical Center's Maternal and Children's Hospital outside of Jerusalem.

Siegel was also dedicated to Beth El Synagogue, serving on the board and in adult education. He enjoyed going to shul. It did not matter to him that he could not carry a tune. He loved to sing through the services and he gamely endured his family's teasing him about his off-tune renditions.

He was always very proud and supportive of his children, two of whom immigrated to Israel.