Annie Sher Apter

Annie Sher Apter d. 4/07/1966

Family- Husband: Morris; Children: Sarah, Jacob, Philip and Oscar, Mary

At the age of 6 Annie moved with her family to London, England from Russia. Then at 16, she moved to the United States and lived at first in Boston and New York. In 1912, she moved to Durham and stayed there for the rest of her life. She and her husband, Morris, ran a grocery store. She was remembered as a "tiny, itsy bitsy woman", but was always very active in the Jewish community and had been a member of the Chevra Kadisha, Hadassah, Mizrachi and the Sisterhood. Her son Oscar suffered from shell shock during World War II. Her son, Jacob, had a kosher butcher shop. Neither he nor Oscar married.

Apter had a nephew Morris Sher. After her nephew's wife died, Morris and his son Horace would often visit her. Horace remembers her as speaking in broken English. Apter and nephew Morris would speak in Yiddish.