Herman Silver

Name: Herman Silver 9/26/1881-3/17/1920

Family: Father, Frank Silver. Herman had eight children, among them Sadie Silver Goodman and Pat Silver.

It's unclear where Herman was born, but his parents and siblings moved to Durham from Philadelphia when he was eight years old. Herman fell in love with Rosa Levin and they married in 1900 when he was 18, and she 16. Their wedding was held at the Armory and many of Durham's leading citizens were invited.

Herman ran a grocery store and was also active in real estate. He was a very successful businessman and had many friends, not only in the Jewish community. He was one of the first Jewish Masons in Durham, and belonged to Eno Lodge, number 210. In 1918, he received a certificate of honor as a member of the War Savings Society of North Carolina. He assisted other Jewish families in settling in Durham and was active in the synagogue.

Herman had a great voice and Sam Margolis remembers watching Herman and his father, Frank, a cantor, walking together to synagogue, singing.

On a business trip to Oxford, NC, he died in an auto accident. His trip was part of a larger plan to build a parking garage in downtown Durham. His daughters, Pat and Sadie, vividly remember the huge funeral he had. He left behind 36-year-old Rosa and eight children.