Stephanie Krynski

Name: Stephanie Krynski 11/05/1900-7/11/1975

Family: Husband, Szymon Krynski, son John

Krynski ran a clothing design business in Warsaw, Poland. She and her husband were prosperous, but they left Warsaw in the late 30's with British help shortly before the Nazis invaded. For the next ten years they were refugees spending some time in Palestine and then later in the Dominican Republic.

Their son had an opportunity to go to college at the University of Cincinnati. According to Elizabeth, Stephanie and Szymon were able to come to Durham because the synagogue was able to find a job for Szymon.

In Durham, Krynski worked at Duke helping with the international students association. She was known to be very opinionated and was always telling people how to run things. She was very independent and fought for what she believed. Krynski was very upset that her son was marrying a non Jew, and her daughter-in-law did convert to Judaism.

In later years, when her mind started to deteriorate, Krynski sometimes called the police, because her son was not treating her right.