Isadore Abelkop

Name: Isadore Abelkop 12/31/1936

Family: Parents were Jennie and Harris; Married Edith Swartz, Children were Milton and Sheldon

Isadore was born in the Old Country. He grew up in Durham where he went from Durham High School to UNC Chapel Hill in 1914, where according to historian Leonard Rogoff, he must have been only one of a handful of Jews at the time. Rogoff reported that only eight of UNCís 1,158 students were Jewish in 1917.

Abelkop never seemed to be interested in leading a peaceful, sedate life. He served for three years in World War I. as a private in the US Marine Corps. According to his grandson Bill, his grandfather exaggerated his age in order to enlist early.

His marriage to Edith must have been tumultuous. They separated once but a rabbi mediated a reconciliation. But by the end of the 20ís, they could no longer stay together and separated for good. In those days divorce was not discussed. According to grandson Bill, Edith kept the knowledge of the divorce a secret from the grandchildren.

Isadore died in New York City of mysterious circumstances. He apparently was running around with the wrong crowd and was shot.